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Vinay Appanna Journey

Vinay Appanna, a famous businessman from Mauritius, has made a big difference in many areas through his various businesses. Born on August 3, 1975, Vinay Appanna has always been interested in business and coming up with new ideas. Over the years, he has started and led several successful companies, showing his smart thinking and leadership skills.

Vinay Appanna’s Early Life and Personal Background

Vinay Appanna was born and grew up in Mauritius. From a young age, he showed a strong desire to succeed and a love for creating new solutions. This drive led him to start the AV Group of Companies, which includes many different types of businesses.

Vinay balances his work and personal life well. His dedication to his family and his work shows his commitment and discipline, which have been very important in his business success.

Vinay Appanna’s AV Group of Companies

Vinay Appanna is the founder of the AV Group of Companies. This group includes AV Express Ltd, AV Techno World Co Ltd, AV World Spare Parts Ltd, and Rental Express Ltd. Each of these companies works in different areas, showing how Vinay can handle many types of businesses.

AV Express Ltd

Started in 2015, AV Express Ltd is one of Vinay’s most well-known businesses. The company is in charge of about 90% of the modern and lighted bus shelters around Mauritius. This project not only made public transportation better but also improved the daily travel for many people. The success of AV Express Ltd shows Vinay’s ability to see and use market needs.

Vinay’s ability to see the need for better public transportation helped AV Express Ltd become successful. By adding modern and lighted bus shelters, he made travelling easier and improved how the island looked. His ability to understand market trends and act quickly shows his business skills and smart thinking.

AV Techno World Co LtdĀ 

In 2017, Vinay grew his business by starting AV Techno World Co Ltd. AV Techno World focuses on new technology solutions, while AV World provides high-quality car parts. These businesses have made Vinay known as a smart entrepreneur who can handle different types of businesses.

Starting AV Techno World Co Ltd was a smart move to get into the growing technology market. Vinay wanted to create a company that could offer the latest technology solutions to businesses and people. AV World , on the other hand, meets the need for good car parts. By focusing on this area, Vinay made sure that car owners in Mauritius have access to top-quality parts, helping the car industry.

Rental Express Ltd

Vinay has also been the Director of Rental Express Ltd since 2013. This advertising company owns many billboards across Mauritius, playing an important role in the island’s advertising. The success of Rental Express Ltd shows Vinay’s smart thinking and his understanding of good marketing.

Rental Express Ltd has become a big player in advertising with Vinay’s leadership. By placing billboards in busy areas, the company has given businesses a good way to reach more people. This business has not only helped Vinay succeed but has also helped the advertising industry in Mauritius grow.

Vinay Appanna

Vinay Appanna’s Contributions to Various Sectors

Vinay Appanna’s businesses work in many areas, including healthcare, advertising, cars, fuel, and building. This variety shows his entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to helping Mauritius grow economically.

Healthcare Sector

Mr Appanna’s work in healthcare shows his dedication to making healthcare better in Mauritius. By investing in this area, he wants to provide affordable and good medical solutions to people. His efforts show his commitment to helping the community.

Advertising Sector

Through Rental Express Ltd, Vinay has made big contributions to advertising. The company’s many billboards help businesses reach more people, helping the economy grow. This business has also created many jobs, helping the local economy even more.

Car Parts Sector

AV World Spare Parts Ltd meets the need for good car parts. Vinay’s business in this area makes sure that car owners in Mauritius can get reliable and affordable parts, helping the car industry. His focus on quality and customer happiness has given AV World Spare Parts Ltd a great reputation.

Fuel Sector

Mr Appanna’s businesses also include the fuel sector, where he works to provide good and affordable fuel solutions. His work in this area helps meet Mauritius’s energy needs and supports sustainable energy practices. By investing in the fuel sector, Vinay has played a key role in making sure the island’s energy needs are met well.

Construction Sector

The building sector is another area where Vinay has made a big impact. Through many projects, he has helped develop modern buildings in Mauritius, making living standards better. His work in this area shows his commitment to building a better future for the community.

Vinay Appanna Overcoming Challenges

Vinay Appanna’s journey has not been without challenges. He faced a big legal battle that could have hurt his career. However, on February 7, 2024, Mr Appanna was cleared by the District Court of LPW Rose Hill, under Provisional Case No. P353/21. The court decided he was not guilty, which proved his honesty and showed he was committed to ethical business practices. This not only cleared his name but also showed his honesty and commitment to good business practices.

Vinay’s ability to overcome this challenge shows his strength and determination. Even with legal problems, he stayed focused on his businesses and kept them successful. His perseverance is a great example for future entrepreneurs.


Vinay Appanna’s professional journey shows his smart leadership and business skills. From starting the AV Group of Companies to overcoming legal challenges, Vinay has always shown resilience, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. His work in different areas has not only made his businesses successful but also helped the economy of Mauritius.

Vinay’s story is a great example of how hard work, smart thinking, and honesty can lead to big success. His legacy continues to inspire future entrepreneurs in Mauritius and beyond, showing that with determination and vision, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve great things.

Through his different businesses, Vinay has shown that success is not just about making money but also about helping the community. His work to improve public transportation, healthcare, advertising, and other areas shows his dedication to making Mauritius better. Vinay Appanna is a true visionary whose work will continue to benefit the island and its people for many years to come

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