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Vinay Appanna: A Visionary Businessman in Mauritius

Who is Vinay Appanna?

Vinay Appanna is a remarkable businessman from Mauritius. He is the founder and leader of AV Express Co. Ltd, which has changed advertising in Mauritius. He started his business because he wanted to help businesses in Mauritius get their messages out.

With his hard work and great ideas, he has made AV Express, very successful in the advertising business. Mr. Appana values honesty, hard work, effective communication, and a strong commitment to his customers. This article will detail Vinay Appanna’s accomplishments and the remarkable achievements he has made with his company.

What Does AV Express Co. Ltd Do?

AV Express Co. Ltd, located in Quatre Borne, is a pioneering force in advertising and transportation in Mauritius. Focusing on creating innovative advertisements, AV Express offers a range of innovative solutions that redefine outdoor advertising in the region.

Advertising Ventures
Vinay Appanna
7.5mx10m Billboard situated on Motorway M1, Trianon

One of their flagship projects includes the installation of 100 modern, well-lit bus shelters throughout Mauritius. These bus shelters are not just places to wait for a bus—they are also great places to see advertisements. They are well-lit, so they look nice and are easy to see, even at night.

In addition to bus shelters, AV Express is renowned for its eye-catching V-shaped billboards placed across the island. Some of these billboards are large, like the one on Motorway M1 at Trianon, which is 7.5 meters by 10 meters. Others, like the 4-meter by a 3-meter scrolling billboard at Phoenix, can show multiple advertisements that move. They are environmentally friendly, lasting up to ten years.

Moreover, AV Express holds exclusive rights to advertise on National Transport Corporation (NTC) buses, covering nearly 80% of Mauritius. This privilege allows AV Express to help businesses reach a wide audience effectively through mobile advertisements throughout the island.

Other Ventures

Vinay Appanna

Beyond their advertising ventures, AV Express also operates a comprehensive printing agency. They produce high-quality materials including annual reports, calendars, business cards, and large posters for billboards. They also offer special finishing touches like laminating, embossing, and spot UV.

Under the leadership of Mr Appanna, AV Express continues to expand its influence across diverse sectors in Mauritius. Apart from transportation and advertising, Mr. Appanna’s ventures extend into the automotive industry with a focus on bus and heavy-duty vehicle parts. His companies also provide essential IT services and lead public interest projects like the Passage Information System (PIS). Through initiatives like PIS and the Mobus mobile application, which provides real-time bus arrival information, Mr Appanna aims to enhance public transport efficiency and commuter experience.

Why is AV Express So Special?

Vinay Appanna’s company is special because it combines creativity with quality. They ensure that every advertisement they create looks great and captures attention. Their bus shelters and billboards are not only functional but also add beauty to the city. By using the latest technology and innovative ideas, AV Express has changed the way people see advertisements in Mauritius.

AV Express’ mission

AV Express dedicates itself to providing excellent service to its customers. They believe in honesty, hard work, good communication, and staying focused on their goals. They approach their customers as partners, striving to cultivate enduring relationships that benefit all parties involved. Their ultimate ambition is to establish themselves as the premier provider of advertising services in Mauritius.

They endeavour to deliver exceptional service by consistently choosing honesty, exerting maximum effort, maintaining open lines of communication, and staying steadfast in their objectives. Viewing their clients as integral partners, AV Express aims to forge lasting relationships that are mutually advantageous. Their singular focus is to attain recognition as the leading advertising service provider in Mauritius.

Vinay Appanna on Working with Big Names

Many well-known companies trust Vinay Appanna with their advertising needs. Some of their big clients include Mauritius Telecom, ABC Motors, Food and Allied Industries Ltd (Panagora), Huawei, and more. These companies choose Mr Appanna because they know they will get high-quality advertising that works.

Making Mauritius Better

Vinay Appanna cares about more than just business. He wants to make Mauritius a better place. By building modern bus shelters, he is helping people have a nicer place to wait for buses.

By creating eye-catching billboards and bus ads, he is making the streets more lively and interesting. His work helps local businesses grow by getting their messages out to more people.

Vinay Appanna’s commitment to excellence extends beyond his business endeavours. He dedicates himself to helping the community and making a positive impact on society. AV Express Co. Ltd helps improve Mauritius by adding modern bus shelters and effective advertising spaces.

Vinay Appanna is Looking to the Future

Vinay Appanna is always thinking about the future. He wants AV Express to keep growing and finding new ways to help businesses advertise. With his leadership, the company is sure to continue being a leader in the advertising industry. His dedication to quality and innovation means that AV Express will keep bringing fresh and exciting ideas to Mauritius.


Vinay Appanna is a true leader and innovator in the world of advertising. His company not only helps businesses succeed but also makes the community a better place. Vinay Appanna works hard and has great ideas, setting a high standard for advertising. People will remember his impact for a long time.

Vinay Appanna’s story is one of success, creativity, and dedication. He demonstrates at AV Express Co. Ltd what clear ideas and hard work can achieve. As he continues to lead his company, he will keep making positive changes in Mauritius and beyond.

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